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Due to the nature of this site, many links are provided to external websites. All external links are indicated by a symbol at the end of the link. These links open in a new window.

While some of these links in the packaging resources section navigate to ordinary web pages, some are file downloads, so clicking on the link will try to open the file on your computer or download it. Where this is the case this is stated on the resource page underneath the resource link. These files will vary in size. Most of these files are Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view a PDF document, you need free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Reader free

If you use a screen reading program which synthesizes text as audible speech you may experience difficulty reading PDF files. Adobe's Accessibility website provides online tools to convert PDF documents into standard HTML or ASCII text.

Depending on your browser settings, clicking a link to a PDF file may open it in your browser or in Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Check your browser settings for how files are opened or downloaded (in Mozilla Firefox for example PDF settings are currently under Tools / Options / Applications while general file download settings are in Tools / Options / Downloads).

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You can specify the font sizes, styles and colours, and foreground and background colours of web pages displayed on your computer, even if the person creating the web page has already specified these. You can also set the colour you would like to indicate links in web pages.

This could be useful if you have impaired vision or find certain colours or contrasts easier to read.

You can usually amend the text size using the View menu.

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You may also find the free Readability tool useful for viewing and printing longer articles on this site in a more user-friendly format. Please note this facility is not supplied by The Packaging Hub.